Hino Total Support

Showcasing the technology that is bestowed in Hino products


Hino Quality Service

We believe Hino trucks are loaded with advanced technologies for enhancing fuel economy, reducing emissions, enhancing safety and convenience. While these technologies are controlled by sophisticated computers and provide high performance, if a problem occurs, it can be challenging to identify the problem.

Aiming at responding quickly to problem situations, we use "Hino-DX" a diagnostic system designed specifically for Hino vehicles to rapidly and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem. We at Hino continuously endeavor to enhance the quality of our services so that our customers are able to operate their Hino vehicles with confidence.

Hino Genuine Parts

As with Hino vehicles,only parts that pass our evaluation standards can be labelled "Hino Genuine Parts"

These genuine parts are designed to maximise the potential of Hino Vehicles